10 Lines Essay on Lunch in English for Students

  1. Meals that are eaten during the day are known as lunch.
  2. The word lunch became popular after 1580.
  3. Before the word lunch was used, the day time meal was also known as dinner 
  4. There are multiple names for the word lunch. However, one of the most popular old words for lunch would be ‘nuncheon’.
  5. It is important to have a healthy lunch to provide energy and nutrition for the body to work throughout the day.
  6. A person who skips lunch may be fatigued and stressed most of the time.
  7. It also improves one’s productivity.
  8. It also raises a person’s sugar level.
  9.  It is scientifically proven that a person is best off with eating lunch after four to five hours right after eating breakfast.
  10. It is best to avoid junk food during lunch hour