10 Lines Essay on Ludo Game in English for Students

  1. Ludo game is a game that is played by either two or four people
  2. It is a very popular game that is played world wide 
  3. The game is said to have been invented in the year 1896.
  4. The game Ludo is said to have been traced back to ancient times and was known as Chaupar 
  5. The Ludo game with time began to grow its popularity and was later digitally established.
  6.  In this day, Ludo is played as a competition amongst people living all around the world digitally.
  7. The game Ludo helps one is boosting one’s mental abilities.
  8. It also teaches one to think smart.
  9. To play this game,one must be strategically intelligent and witty.
  10. This game also depends a whole lot on luck as well.