10 Lines Essay on Ludhiana in English for Students

  1. Ludhiana is a beautiful city in Punjab 
  2. It has one of the most magnificent museums depicting rural life.
  3. The other name for Ludhiana is “Manchester of India”.
  4. In Ludhiana, one must visit places like Lodhi Fort and Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum which is proven to be one of the most attracting places 
  5. Majority of the religion in this city is Hinduism.
  6. There are more males than females in this city.
  7. It has a wondrous collection of varieties in fabrics.
  8. The people in the city of Ludhiana speak in Punjabi.
  9. The area of this city is approximately 3767 sq.km which is also the largest city in Punjab.
  10. Chicken and paneer is famous in this city