10 Lines Essay on Loyalty in English for Students

  1. When one is devoted to a certain thing or person, it can be defined as loyalty.
  2. Loyalty is rare to find in people especially in the world of today.
  3. It is important to possess this quality in all works of life 
  4. Dogs are said to be one of the most loyal animals to its owner.
  5. When one is loyal, one can gain a lot of support and love 
  6. It has significant power. Through loyalty new friends are made, trust is built and there is a strong ability to thrive for the better.
  7. A loyal person can be also called a faithful person.
  8. It is vital for kids to learn about loyalty.
  9. It develops the thought of commitment and dedication in the mind which can be extremely helpful for the long-run.
  10. People who are loyal received utmost respect and most importantly find people who are loyal to them as well.