10 Lines Essay on Love in English for Students

  1. Love is a powerful word. 
  2. It is an amazing feeling that can make anyone do wonders.
  3. Everybody’s definition of love differs. As we are well aware that love in general is said to be a set of emotions, and beliefs with strong feelings of affection.
  4. The word love has been misused quite a lot. It has been confused with the word lust. This is also quite a reason why relationships end up being bitter in the end, the simplest term; unhealthy.
  5.  We have to keep in mind that love is a word, however, it is not any ordinary word to take lightly despite its very common usage. 
  6. It is important to teach the generation of love.
  7. Love makes the world a better and healthy place.
  8. Wearing wedding rings on the left fourth finger goes back to the ancient times of strong believe on love as it is said that this finger is the only finger which nerve is connected to the heart.
  9. Through love,one can improve one’s physical health as well as mental health better .
  10. People are optimistic and are scientifically proven to be happier when love is present in ones life.