10 Lines Essay on Louis Braille in English for Students

  1. Louis Braille was a French man who became extremely popular because of his invention.
  2. He was not just an educator but an inventor as well 
  3. He is also regarded as the father of literacy.
  4. His most popular invention is called the braille which is an instrument for visually impaired people to read and write.
  5. This invention is known to this very day. 
  6. He changed the world for the visually impaired people drastically and significantly making communication easier as he opened the path to so many opportunities.
  7. He died at the age of 43 with the cause of death being tuberculosis.
  8. He was blind at the age of five and this paved the way for his creation.
  9.  He taught subjects like algebra, grammar and even geometry.
  10. He was an all rounder man of great talent, vigour, sincerity and dedication.