10 Lines Essay on Lotus Flower in English for Students

  1. Lotus flowers have different types. Some of which are White Lotus, American Lotus, Egyptian Lotus, etc.
  2. The scientific name for the Lotus flower is Nelumbo nucifera.
  3. For a Lotus plant to grow healthy, it should be planted and should grow in an area with at least 21 degree celsius.
  4. It can continue to grow in ponds for years of taken care properly 
  5. The Lotus plant is said to take upto 2 years to grow.
  6.  It can grow upto 18 inches.
  7. It can grow in soil as well but it survives better and longer in ponds 
  8. It needs a good amount of sunlight 
  9. They don’t need so much care and are also termed as scientifically easy growers.
  10. India’s national flower is lotus