10 Lines Essay on Losoong Festival in English for Students

  1. Losoong festival is also known as Sonam losoong or Namsoong.
  2. It is celebrated by the people of Sikkim.
  3. It is celebrated during the time of harvest. 
  4. On this celebration ,one will witness a lot of merry making, traditional folk dances and religious rituals taking place all over the area.
  5. The place itself attracts a lot of people and with this celebration, it doubles the level of attraction amongst tourists all over the world.
  6. It is a very important and significant festival amongst the sikkimese.
  7. This festival is filled with colours and amusement with the richness of tradition.
  8. It is celebrated in the month of December 
  9. It is celebrated for 5 days.
  10. It displays the richness of culture and tradition, celebrated with full of zeal by the people.