10 Lines Essay on Losar Festival in English for Students

  1. The Losar festival is also called the Tibetan New Year. 
  2. This festival is celebrated by a tribe called the Monpa tribe.
  3. This festival is celebrated in the Himalayan states, mainly in Arunachal Pradesh.
  4. The other name for this festival is the “festival of Swords”.
  5. On this day, different kinds of food are used as special offerings to the gods. These foods are like that of momo, rice cakes and others.
  6.   Majority of the people use silk clothes with the finest jewellery.
  7. This festival is filled with colours and amusement 
  8. It is also one festival out of many that attracts a lot of tourists.
  9. This is a very important festival especially for Buddhism.
  10. People who celebrate this festival are seen to put prayer flags hanging on their  houses.