10 Lines Essay on Lok Sabha in English for Students

  1. Lok Sabha was formed in the year 1952.
  2. It is an important part of the country.
  3. There are about 545 seats in the Lok sabha.
  4. The Lok Sabha is said to have more power than the Rajya Sabha.
  5. The function of the people in the Lok Sabha is to select the main executive. 
  6. The minimum age of a person to become a member of the Lok Sabha is 25 years 
  7. It holds so much power and this is also a cause for the large number of members present.
  8. The other name for this is House of the People.
  9. The main chamber is located in New Delhi.
  10. The oldest member of Lok Sabha is 89 years old with the youngest member being 25 years old.