10 Lines Essay on Lockdown in English for Students

  1. When there is a restriction policy for the people to stay where they are,it can be defined as lockdown 
  2. The world’s most recent lockdown happened when the world faced a serious outburst of a disease called COVID 19.
  3. Lockdown  can do good and bad for society as well.
  4. It can save lives and at the same time lockdown can cause a lot of problems in the economy.
  5. World’s longest lockdown is said to have happened in Melbourne.
  6. It can also affect physical and mental health.
  7. It is also said that a short lockdown from time to time is healthy for the earth and its people as well 
  8. More cases of loneliness arouse when there is a lockdown.
  9. It also causes anxiety and stress.
  10. People are also seen to find enjoyable things and maintain more healthy relationships with family members during lockdown.