10 Lines Essay on Lobster in English for Students

  1. Lobster is a marine animal that lives on sandy areas, under rocks or oceans. 
  2. Male lobsters are said to live upto 31 years while female lobsters can live up to 54 years.
  3. Rare case of lobster found was said to have lived for about150 years.
  4. People are fond of eating lobsters.
  5. Lobsters can also be dangerous and therefore one must clean the lobster properly before consuming because of the toxins present inside the lobster.
  6. The pinches of a lobster can also give one serious pain and damage. Kids are to be aware of this.
  7. There are various species of lobsters. Some of them are Norway lobsters, homarus, Canadian lobster, and lots more.
  8. Candana, US, Australia, and others are known for their wide number of lobsters.
  9. They are also said to have two stomachs.
  10. Lobsters can also eat each other