10 Lines Essay on Light in English for Students

  1. “Light” is a word that has multiple meaning to it. 
  2. Firstly, it could mean anything that can illuminate and this is its most common meaning. 
  3. The second meaning it could have is being the opposite of heavy.
  4. In connection to this, it can also be interpreted to make “light” of something or treat them as unimportant.
  5. With respect to colours, “light” could denote a paler, milder shade. 
  6. Going back to the first meaning, “light” is something that is very important in every aspect of life.
  7. Light that we humans get can be of two types.
  8. They are natural and artificial.
  9. Natural source of light would be the sun.
  10.  Artificial would include matches, torches and other man-made sources