10 Lines Essay on Life Without Trees in English for Students

  1. Life without trees is impossible to even imagine. 
  2. Trees are very crucial for the sustenance of human beings.
  3. Without trees, oxygen would cease to exist and we wouldn’t be able to survive.
  4. Trees have also been proven to cause rain.
  5. Hence, lands which have faced deforestation become plagued by food scarcity and droughts.
  6. Deforestation also results in soil erosion.
  7. They also increase the production of greenhouse gases, all of which are harmful to the environment and by extension, humans. 
  8. Speaking of npn-humans, animals would also cease to exist without oxygen, and hence, trees.
  9. Plants which need carbon dioxide would also cease to exist without trees, which cuts off one of the major sources of food for all living things alike.
  10. In short, a life without trees would not exist, even hypothetically.