10 Lines Essay on Life Without Sun in English for Students

  1. Life without the sun is quite impossible to even imagine!
  2. Without the sun, no life form can sustain itself. 
  3. In the absence of the heat and light that the sun can provide, plants, animals, human beings and all life forms would be wiped off Earth.
  4. Even if we were to put aside living things, we also need to consider how the whole of the Earth’s functioning would be altered. 
  5. The entire planet Earth would be covered in ice without the sun. 
  6. The weather would be disrupted.
  7. Our seasons would cease to exist.
  8. Photosynthesis won’t occur. 
  9. Why, the moon would even be visible!
  10. Even hypothetically speaking, without the sun, nothing would exist, not even the solar system let alone life!