10 Lines Essay on Life Cycle of Frog in English for Students

  1. The life cycle of a frog consists of 4 stages. 
  2. The first stage of their life is that of eggs. 
  3. The female adult frog lays tiny eggs near water bodies.
  4. These eggs hatch and the second stage of their life is attained.
  5. This is their second stage of life where they become tadpoles. 
  6. With time, tiny tadpoles grow to spout a tail and grow limbs. 
  7. This takes them to their third stage in life where they become froglets. 
  8. At this stage, they are almost grown but have small tails. 
  9. Their body fully develops for them to become adult frogs, the fourth stage.
  10. Then, the female adult frog lays eggs, once again starting their life cycle.