10 Lines Essay on Life Cycle of a Butterfly in English for Students

  1. A butterfly is a colourful, winged, insect.
  2. Before becoming one, a butterfly goes through various stages in its life cycle.
  3. Predominantly, there can be four stages found in the life cycle of a butterfly.
  4. Firstly, it is created as an egg.
  5. The mother butterfly lays eggs on leaves.
  6. In a couple of weeks, these eggs hatch and out comes the caterpillar or larva.
  7. This larva builds a cocoon around itself and grows.
  8. At this stage, it is called a pupa.
  9. Inside the cocoon, the pupa slowly eats and grows.
  10. Fully grown into a butterfly, it comes out of its cocoon and, in turn, lays eggs and starts this cycle all over again.