10 Lines Essay on Landslide in English for Students

  1. A landslide is described as a mass of rock, debris or earth moving down a slope. 
  2. It is a form of mass waste under the direct influence of gravity.
  3. It indicates any down-slope movement of rock and soil. 
  4. The word landslide encompasses five forms of slope movement, topples, falls, spreads, slides and flows.
  5. It occurs when the natural slope of a mountain is disturbed. 6. It can happen due to earthquakes as shaking of ground disturbs the slopes.
  6. Heavy rainfall also makes the soil particles loose and it flows down the slope.
  7. It is also caused by deforestation. 
  8. Deforestation makes the soil open and more susceptible to landslides.
  9. We should plant more trees to check landslides.