10 Lines Essay on Lakshmana in English for Students

  1. Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lakshman are highly important characters in Ramayana. 
  2. Lakshmana was Rama’s half brother, and son to King Dasaratha. 
  3. The two were very close and his love for Rama was second to none.
  4. Lakshmana represents the ideal brother.  
  5. He lived all his life serving his elder brother Ram and accompanied him everywhere he went.
  6. When Rama married Sita, Lakshmana married Sita’s younger sister, Urmila. 
  7. He left his wife and joined Rama and Sita when later was exiled for fourteen years.
  8. Lakshmana killed Ravana’s son Indrajit.
  9. He never saw the face of any lady and also did not eat and slept for 14 years.
  10. Rama was not just a brother to Lakshmana but also a father and a guru. His devotion makes him a deeply honorable character in the Ramayana.