10 Lines Essay on Lagori in English for Students

  1. Lagori is a team sport that originated in the Southern part of India. 
  2. The sport is a popular playground game, played only at a recreational level. 
  3. The sport goes by many names, including Pittu Garam, dikori, lingocha, pitto or Satoliya.
  4. It was played between two teams.
  5. It requires a tennis ball and a set of seven stones which are stacked up to form a small tower. 
  6. The game involves one team breaking the tower and then rebuilding it.
  7. The opponents are busy hitting as many as possible with the ball while they try to arrange the stones back.
  8. Lagori is played pan-India, but primarily it’s a regional sport, more predominant in Goa and Maharashtra.
  9. It is an ancient game that was started back at the time of Bhagavata Purana.
  10. It is one of the popular outdoor games in India and Pakistan.