10 Lines Essay on Ladakh in English for Students

  1. Ladakh is famous for breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear skies.
  2. This place has the highest mountain passes, thrilling adventure activities and Buddhist Monasteries. 
  3. It is the only place in India where the graceful Double Hump camels are found.
  4. It is the only cold desert in India. 
  5. It borders the world’s highest saltwater Lake Pangong Lake.
  6. The Hemis festival celebrated in every summer is Ladakh’s most famous festival.
  7. Highest motorable mountain pass, Khardungla pass in Ladakh is famous across the globe.
  8. It is amongst the most favourite and famous places for photographers.
  9. The silverware sold in Ladakh is also very famous and fascinates people from around the world.
  10. Ladakh is also a home for Hunder sand dunes, frozen river trek and snow leopards.