10 Lines Essay on Lachit Borphukan in English for Students

  1. Lachit Borphukan was a general of the Ahom Dynasty.
  2. He fought bravely against the Mughal Empire.
  3. He was successful in stopping mughals from taking control of the entire Ahom kingdom. 
  4. Lachit became Assam’s national hero after beheading his uncle with a sword.
  5. His famous saying is, “Detox koh Mumbai Dangor Nohoi” i.e. My uncle is not more precious than my own country.
  6. He heroically led his troops to victory in the Battle of Saraighat.
  7. He was born on 24th November 1622 and died on 25th April 1672.
  8. He died a year after the Battle of Saraighat from a long festering illness. 
  9. He was successful in restoring and upholding the freedom of his country and people.
  10. His patriotism, bravery, dutifulness, and determination are enshrined in the history of Assam.