10 Lines Essay on Labour in English for Students

  1. Labour indicates some kind of ‘mental’ or ‘physical’ exertion undertaken with a motive to earn money. 
  2. Labour is the most important factor of production. 
  3. A nation having plenty of rich land but no labour force, cannot attain any economic development or prosperity. 
  4. Agriculture, industries, mining, transport system, trade activities, etc., all require sufficient and efficient workers for proper functioning.
  5. Quality of labour can be improved by investing capital.
  6. Age, wage rate and efficiency of workers affect the supply of workers.
  7. In some places the industrialists exploit the labor class. 
  8. They take a lot of work from them but pay them very less. 
  9. Labourers are forced to work for 10-15 hours a day in very tough conditions. 
  10. Labour day is also celebrated focusing on their rights and needs.