10 Lines Essay on Kutcha House in English for Students

  1. A house is  a place where we live with our family.
  2. There are two types of house, kutcha house and pucca house.
  3. The houses which are made up of mud, grass, straw etc are called kutcha houses. 
  4. A kind of house, where the walls are made up of bamboo, mud, grass, reed, stones, thatch, straw, leaves and unburnt bricks.
  5. These are not permanent structures like flats or buildings.
  6. They are usually temporary and do not have a fixed design.
  7. These are not very stable constructions like buildings or apartments.
  8. These houses easily collapse during heavy rainfall and storms.
  9. These houses are used by the underprivileged sections of society. 
  10. Kutcha houses are mostly seen in rural areas.