10 Lines Essay on Kullu Dussehra in English for Students

  1. Kullu dussehra is the renowned International Mega festival. 
  2. It is observed in the month of October in Himachal Pradesh state in northern India.
  3. It is slightly different from the dussehra celebrated in other parts of the country.
  4. It is a week-long festival. 
  5. The center of festivities of the Kullu dussehra is the Dhalpur Maidan in Kullu. 
  6. The festival commences on the tenth day of the rising moon, that is, Vijaya Dashmi.
  7. This week-long festival starts with a procession of Lord Raghunath.
  8. Dussehra celebration in Kullu started during the rule of Raja Jagat Singh.
  9. He was the ruler of Kullu during the period 1637-1672.
  10. Meals are served in the dham style.