10 Lines Essay on Krishnadevaraya in English for Students

  1. Krishnadevaraya was the greatest and most famous emperor of the Vijayanagara Empire. 
  2. He took the empire to its zenith.
  3. He is regarded as an icon by the people of India.
  4. He respected all sects of Hinduism. 
  5. He is known to have encouraged and supported various sects and their places of worship. 
  6. He rebuilt the Virupaksha Temple and other Shiva shrines.
  7. He was given the title Yavana Rajya Prathishta Pranacharya for freeing Mahmud Shah from Adil Shah.
  8. He founded a town named Nagalapura situated near Vijaynagar in memory of his mother Nagla Devi. 
  9. He built many temples, tanks, and Gopuram. 
  10. He was given many titles like “Lord of the Kannada Empire” and “King of Three Kings” for his brave achievements