10 Lines Essay on Krishna River in English for Students

  1. Krishna River is one of the largest rivers of India as well as it is also a sacred river for the Hindus. 
  2. The river is a multi-state flowing river that flows into Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. 
  3. It is also called Krishnaveni. It is also known as the lifeline of the people living on either side.
  4. It is best suitable for irrigation as well as transportation purposes.
  5. The delta formed by the Krishna river basin is the most fertile area of India.
  6. The river is also responsible for heavy soil erosion during monsoon floods. 
  7. It is considered the fourth largest river in India in terms of its area and its inflows. 
  8. It also hosts many famous dams which are built on it.
  9. Sangameswaram in Kurnool district of AP is a famous pilgrimage located near Krishna River.
  10. Krishna river finally empties into Bay of Bengal.