10 Lines Essay on Krishna and Sudama in English for Students

  1. Sudama was Shri Krishna’s childhood friend and schoolmates at Gurukul.
  2. They studied under the guidance of Guru Sandipani. 
  3. After their Education got completed, they got separated.
  4. But both were not able to forget their divine Friendship.
  5. Sudama was born into a low-income family and Krishna was from a royal background. 
  6. The difference between their status did not hinder their true friendship or bond.
  7. The story of Sudama and Krishna is about love and Friendship with a lesson to teach.
  8. The two, Sudama and Krishna, were inseparable.
  9. Their oneness is an example of true friendship ahead of the planet.
  10. They are also remembered on the auspicious occasion of Friendship’s Day.