10 Lines Essay on Koneru Humpy in English for Students

  1. Koneru Humpy is an Indian Grandmaster who is famous for playing chess. 
  2. She is known for her playing style and winning the World Rapid Chess Championship in 2020.
  3. She won this championship after taking a break for 2 years from Chess.
  4. She was born on Mar 31st, 1987 in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  5. She was originally named “Hampi” by her parents.
  6. Her parents derived the name from the word “champion”. 
  7. Her father later changed the spelling to Humpy.
  8. The 36-year-old is world No. 2 in women’s classic chess rating.
  9. She was the youngest woman to become Grandmaster in 2002. 
  10. She won gold in the world rapid championship in 2019 and silver in the world blitz championship in 2022.