10 Lines Essay on Knife in English for Students

  1. A knife is a tool for cutting and consists of a flat piece of metal with a sharp edge on the end of a handle.
  2. It is one of the earliest tools used by humanity.
  3. It was originally made of wood, bone, and stone over the centuries.
  4. There have been several improvements in both metallurgy and manufacturing over years.
  5. Today knife blades are made from copper, bronze, iron, steel, ceramic, and titanium. 
  6. Most modern knives have either fixed or folding blades.
  7. Some knives blade patterns and styles vary by maker and country of origin.
  8. Knives are of many types and can serve various purposes. 
  9. Hunters use a hunting knife, soldiers use the combat knife, scouts, campers, and hikers carry a pocketknife.
  10. There are also a variety of kitchen knives like bread knife, butter knife steak knife etc.