10 Lines Essay on Kiwi Bird in English for Students

  1. Kiwi is a bird that has five species.
  2. They are sometimes called ‘honorary mammals’ because of their strange mammalian traits.
  3. They are more like mammals than birds.
  4. They dont have pneumatic bones like other birds as their bones are filled with marrow.
  5. Their legs are so powerful that they can run as fast as humans.
  6. They have an unusual sense of smell and touch.
  7. They are the only birds with nostrils at the end of their beak.
  8. Their gestation period is 80 days , which is twice as long as usual for birds.
  9. Their chicks when hatched are fully feathered and independent.
  10. Adult kiwis don’t need to feed their young as they are born with nutritious yolk sacs attached to their bellies.