10 Lines Essay on Kishore Kumar in English for Students

  1. Kishore Kumar was born August 4, 1929, Khandwa.
  2. His original name was Abhas Kumar Ganguly.
  3. He was an Indian actor, playback singer, composer, and director.
  4. He was also known for his comic roles in Indian films.
  5. He had an expressive and versatile singing voice.
  6. His course of career spanned for nearly four decades.
  7. He worked hard to establish himself as a singer, actor, producer, director and music director.
  8. He won a number of awards and was loved by all. 
  9. He is remembered as one of the greatest, most influential and dynamic singers in the history of Indian music.
  10. He died on October 13, 1987, Bombay.