10 Lines Essay on Kingfisher in English for Students

  1. Kingfisher is a multicolour bird native to South Africa.
  2. It has a large head, a long and massive bill, and a compact body. 
  3. Its short tail allows it to turn easily when it is underwater. 
  4. The dagger-like bill is useful for spearing fish, insects, and other food.
  5. It has blue feathers on their back and reddish or white feathers on their belly.
  6. It also has a crest or tuft of upright feathers, on top of their head.
  7. Its feathers were widely used by millionaires to adorn hats in the past.
  8. Kingfisher birds nest on trees along the river.
  9. Some species of kingfishers are threatened by habitat loss, pollution, and hunting.
  10. It is said that kingfishers control the sea and its waves quite easily.