10 Lines Essay on Kho Kho in English for Students

  1. Kho Kho is an outdoor field game.
  2. Kho Kho is a traditional sport in India
  3. The game is played in both rural and urban areas of the country.
  4. Children play this game from an early age as a recreational tag game. 
  5. Older people also have a similar attraction to it. 
  6. Like Kabaddi, Kho Kho is an outdoor sport and is considered to be a game of tactics and strategy.
  7. Kho Kho is typically played on a rectangular field.
  8. There are 12 players on every team in the kho kho game.
  9. It keeps our body strong, motivated and young, aiding in better coordination and flexibility. 
  10. It develops our teamwork abilities and discipline.