10 Lines Essay on Khilafat Movement in English for Students

  1. The Khilafat Movement was a pan-Islamic, political protest in 1919.
  2. It was launched against the British to protect the Ottoman Empire after the First World War.
  3. This campaign was launched in Defence of the Caliphate.
  4. It was led in India by Mu?ammad Ali and Shaukat Ali.
  5. The movement had put forward two main demands. 
  6. Their first demand was to restore the Khilafat’s control over muslim sacred places.
  7. Their second demand was that they should be left with sufficient territories. 
  8. The movement is also known as the Indian muslim movement.
  9. The movement was aimed to unite the Muslim community under the umbrella of a unified national movement.
  10. Khilafat and the Non-cooperation movement were linked by Mahatma Gandhi.