10 Lines Essay on Khichdi in English for Students

  1. Khichdi is a dish traditionally made with dal and rice. 
  2. The word khichdi means the mix of a couple or many things. 
  3. The term Khichdi comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Khiccha’, meaning a dish of rice and legumes.
  4. It is not only tasty but also light on the stomach. 
  5. The basic combination of rice and dal is a superfood for our digestive system. 
  6. A dollop of ghee on top while serving Khichdi adds more nutrition. 
  7. It strengthens the immunity and also safeguards your body from minor ailments.
  8. It is considered as very auspicious in Indian culture.
  9. It is made from rice and lentils, but there are some other regional variations like Bajra Khichdi and Moong Khichdi. 
  10. In Hindu culture, it is one of the first solid foods that babies eat.