10 Lines Essay on Khajuraho Temple in English for Students

  1. The Khajuraho Group of monuments are a group of Hindu and Jain temples.
  2. The temples are located in Chhatarpur district, Madhya Pradesh, India. 
  3. The temples at Khajuraho were built during the Chandella dynasty.
  4. They strike a perfect balance between architecture and sculpture.
  5. Among all temples, Kandariya Mahadev temple is the largest and tallest Hindu temple.
  6. Kandariya temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  7. The architectural styles of the temple resemble Mount Kailash.
  8. The temples are one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.
  9. The Khajuraho group of monuments has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.
  10. The Khajuraho group of monuments are considered one of the “seven wonders” of India.