10 Lines Essay on Keyboard in English for Students

  1. The Keyboard is an input device.
  2. It plays a significant role in a computer or a laptop.
  3. The keyboard of today is a direct inheritance from the origination of the typewriter.
  4. Christopher Latham Sholes is known as the father of the invention of keyboards. 
  5. The layout of the keyboard is not in order and is arranged randomly so that the person typing can type faster without having to face a jam.
  6. The keyboard is about 100 years old since its invention.
  7. In a keyboard, the space bar is the longest keyboard.
  8. There have been a lot of various kinds of inventions of keyboards today of varied shapes and sizes.
  9. Keyboards can be used for typing, playing games for controlling, symbols, numbers and lots more. 
  10. CharaChorder is the latest and probably one of the most unique keyboards.