10 Lines Essay on Karnataka in English for Students

  1. Karnataka is a state in India.
  2. The chief minister of Karnataka is Siddharamaiah.
  3. It was founded in 1956.
  4. The capital of the state is Bengaluru.
  5. It is said to be the largest coffee exporter as well 
  6. It also has the world’s tallest monolithic statue.
  7. Karnataka is also known for its best food known as Thatte idli.
  8. There are lots of festivals that take place in Karnataka however the biggest celebration is said to be Ganesh Chaturthi.
  9. The total area of the state, Karnataka is 191191,791 km².
  10.  Majority of the people living in Karnataka are Hindus. According to the records of 2023 , it is said that about 51,317,472 people are Hindus.