10 Lines Essay on Kanuma in English for Students

  1. Kanuma is a festival that is celebrated by telegu people.
  2. This festival can also be called as Mattu Pongal or the festival of the cow.
  3. It is celebrated on Jan 16.
  4. The people gives utmost importance to this significant festival.
  5. It is a festival dedicated to cows and other animals.
  6. Cows are a very important animal for the people of telegu for they play a major role in the economy.
  7. On this day, the people also worship Lord Krishna.
  8. It is a public holiday especially in Andra Pradesh.
  9. Various types of activities, games and other meety making takes place on this day.
  10. Chicken is eaten on this day,along with varied type of dishes like Kodi kura.