10 Lines Essay on Kanpur in English for Students

  1. Kanpur is a city in Uttar Pradesh 
  2. The original name of kanpur was said to be Kanhpur or Cawnpore.
  3. According to studies, it is said that this city was founded in 1207.
  4. This city is extremely famous for their leather industries.
  5. It is also called the ‘ Manchester of North India.
  6. Majority of the people in India speak in Hindi or Kanauji.
  7. One of the main place to visit which becomes the hot spot is the Blue World Theme Park 
  8. The population stands up to 3,234,000.
  9. The majority of the people living in Kanpur are Hindus.
  10. The air in Kanpur is not healthy. The WHO even regarded this state as the World’s worst air pollution.