10 Lines Essay on Kalinga War in English for Students

  1. The Kalinga war is called so because of the war between the state of Kalinga against the Mauryan Empire to capture the State of Kalinga as it was a powerful state.
  2. There is no clear evidence as to when the Kalinga war end.
  3. Some say the war ended in 261 BC while some say it began in 262BC.
  4. The Kalinga War was the deadliest, cruellest war ever in Indian History.
  5. In this tragedy, about 1,00,000 people were killed.
  6. This is the war that changed the life of King Ashoka greatly.
  7. This was the last war ever for King Ashoka the great.
  8. This war had a massive impact on the many women and children leaving them homeless and in despair. 
  9. Many people assume and believe that this war was fought in Dhauli hills.
  10. Through this war, Ashoka made the decision not to ever rage a war ever again.