10 Lines Essay on Kailash Parvat in English for Students

  1. Kailash Parvat is a mountain in China.
  2. Kailash is the name of the mountain. The word ‘parvat’ means ‘mountain’.
  3.  This is a mountain that is said to be one of many sacred mountains, where a lot of pilgrimages take place.
  4. The first person to climb this mountain is a Buddhist named Milarepa.
  5. It is also said that this mountain is placed in the centre of the earth.
  6. It is not allowed to visit this mountain alone, rather only a group visa is allowed.
  7. Four scientists died on their mountain quest.
  8. It is believed that climbing this mountain offends the gods.
  9. It stands at a height of 21778 ft.
  10.  There are alot of people on the quest to climb this mountain however not all reach the top and give up.