10 Lines Essay on Kabir Das in English for Students

  1. Kabir Das is a very talented, mystic India poet.
  2. His writings were extremely unique which has a huge and great impact on the Hinduism’s Bhakti movement
  3. It is said that he lived up to 120 years of age.
  4. He was a teacher to many.
  5. He had a very positive impact on other religions as well.
  6. ‘The Intricately Woven Blanket’, is one of Kabir’s most famous and popular poems.
  7. He was also a musician.
  8. He wrote 100 poems and turned them into a collection which in time began to be known as songs of Kabir.
  9. He strongly believed in kindness.
  10. He is still extremely popular even in today’s world and in the history of India to which we study till date.