10 Lines Essay on Justice in English for Students

  1. Treatment in all fairness and equality is called justice.
  2. The three significant, vital and main principles of justice are fairness, equality, and entitlement.
  3. It is derived from the Latin and French words.
  4. Back in history, Justice was once called Justitia.
  5. Justice is extremely important for the workings of the society, nation and county.
  6. Through justice, the relationship between stays strong and bonded.
  7. It helps on to conduct all workings equally.
  8. There are still a lot of places in the world where justice needs to be implemented by the government.
  9. Due to corruption and other negative comings, justice is not being served despite the world being modernised. 
  10. According to research dome, it is said that Denmark is one country that is most committed to social justice.