10 Lines Essay on Junk Food in English for Students

  1. Junk Food has grown its popularity since the 1890’s.
  2. The term ‘junk food’ was established in 1951. 
  3. Consuming too much junk food daily can lead to a variety of health complications.
  4. The most common health condition is diabetes. 
  5. The most consumed junk food countries in the world are the US and UK 
  6. Junk food factories are one of the fastest growing factories. 
  7. Junk food is popular especially because it’s cheap.
  8. The production of junk food is credited to the two brothers Frederick and Louis Rueckheim.
  9. Junk foods are low in fibre.
  10. Junk food is food that has a very high amount of salt, sugar and calories which can be extremely harmful to one’s health. It can be extremely addictive as well.