10 Lines Essay on Jungle Book in English for Students

  1. The Jungle Book is a collection of interesting stories.
  2. It is written by Rudyard Kipling.
  3. It was published in the year 1894 
  4. The main character in this novel is a little boy named ‘Mowgli’.
  5. The first Jungle Book film was released in 1967.
  6. Jungle Book is still loved and adored by many kids till today. 
  7. This was a work that made Rudyard win the Nobel Prize.
  8. The writer spent 12 years in India and therefore this story has a strong link with India as it is said to be one of his main inspirations.
  9.  The writer wrote this story book for his dear daughter. 
  10.  It focuses on the relationship between humans and animals