10 Lines Essay on Julan Goswami in English for Students

  1. Julan Goswami’s full name is Julan NishitGoswami.
  2. She is a female cricketer.
  3. She is forty years old 
  4. She is from the Bengal women’s cricket team.
  5. She started playing cricket at the age of fifteen.
  6. The interest in her striked upon watching the 1992 Cricket World Cup on TV.
  7. She is extremely tall. She stands 5 feet 11 inches. 
  8. She is extremely focused on her work and therefore she feels she will not give her enough time if she gets married.
  9. She has a total of 255 wickets in 204 matches which has topped the list. 
  10. She is a very dedicated, sincere, hardworking and focused woman.