10 Lines Essay on Juice in English for Students

  1. Any drink that is made from vegetables or fruits through the extraction of liquid is called juice.
  2. The word juice is derived from the Latin word.
  3. Juice is said to be popular since the 150 BC. 
  4. In today’s world there is variety of juices however juice mad from the organics are said to be the healthiest drink. 
  5. Apple and orange juice are said to be the most sold fruit juices so far.
  6. Real juice is said to be one leading brand juice to have multiple nutritional value.
  7. It helps digestion and removing toxins from the body.
  8. It is better to consume juice rather than coffee or tea because juice is hydrating.
  9. Through drinking juice the nutrients of the particular fruit are absorbed quickly by the body.
  10. One should not over drink juice and should never replace juice for meals as it can cause health complications with time.