10 Lines Essay on Judiciary in English for Students

  1. The judiciary is a type of law that aids the people, the society, the state, the nation and the country to solve all possible matters and problems in a peaceful way.
  2.  It is formerly known as the federal judiciary.
  3. The judiciary in India was introduced and influenced by the British East India Company 
  4. India is said to be the oldest judiciary.
  5. In the judiciary system of India, one will see that the supreme court is at the top 
  6. The judiciary has promoted and improved good governance in the nation.
  7. It also prevents any sort of abuse of power by the government.
  8. It also aids the country in going through with major political decisions.
  9. The first lady judiciary is named Fathima Beevi.
  10. The top judicial bodies is said to be the high court.